A centurion was a commander in the Roman army.  He commanded a century (100)
of men.  He was a leader.  

One of the centurions spoken of in the New Testament had such faith that Jesus
“marveled.”  It was this same centurion that was so humble that he felt unworthy to
even talk to Jesus or have him come to his home. This centurion had earlier built a
synagogue for the Jews to worship in.  

Another centurion, at the crucifixion, and after observing all that happened declared
“Truly this man was the Son of God.”  

Still another centurion saved Paul’s life when soldiers guarding him planned to kill him
for fear he would escape during a shipwreck.

At Centurion Bible College we want to train Christian leaders who, like the above
mentioned centurions, have great faith, great humility, will declare the Son of God to
others, and will come to the aid of those in need.
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