Basic Training for Church
                                                                          Security Team Members

May 14-16, 2020

Classes will be conducted using ZOOM

After receipt of payment and registration form, the Zoom ID and any additional instructions will be sent to the below
email the day before the training begins.

Registration Form

Name _________________________________________________________
         (as you want it to appear on your certificate)



Email_______________________________Telephone # ________________________
      (where ZOOM ID will be sent)

Home Church __________________________________________________________

Are you 18 years old or older     ____________________________________________

There are two options to submit the $150.00 payment.

Mail completed form and check to:    Centurion Bible College
                                                        3100 17th Ave.
                                                        Vienna, WV  26105

Pay online here and mail or send completed form to

Contact us:
      Brady Stephens at (304)481-8615
      Carla Westfall at (740)885-0425