Centurion Bible College
General Course Instructions
The more complete your initial work is, the fewer follow-up questions may be expected from your instructor.  All projects
are to be submitted in Microsoft Word and in black print.

Neatness, spelling, and grammar are important.  Pastors will often need to communicate in writing so good habits need
to be developed.

Don’t interview the same pastors all the time.  It is good to interview some pastors you don’t know personally.
After completing a paper, email a copy to your instructor and a copy to Centurion Bible College.  Your instructor will
respond in two ways.  Comments made in blue print are just that, comments.  They require no additional response from
you.  If you are being given follow-up assignments or questions they will be in red print.  The instructor will also send a
copy of their reply to Centurion Bible College.

It is recommended that students in the Bachelors or Masters in Ministry programs be working on two or three classes at
a time.  You must not start a class until an instructor for that class has been assigned to you.

Save a copy of everything related to your work such as your completed projects, correspondence from Centurion Bible
College, correspondence from your instructors, etc.  Human errors as well as computer malfunctions are always a
possibility.  Having your copies in such an event can save everyone some time and trouble.