Centurion Bible College
Begin this course by reading the book Turnaround Churches by George Barna.  Write at least a 200 word book report
discussing the aspects of this book that you might find helpful in your church.

Find and interview at least two pastors that have served churches that were in decline when they began their ministry
there and who were able to lead it back to health and growth.  Write a report on these interviews using at least 500
words.  Include the names of the pastors and the churches they saw turned around.  Include statistics as much as
possible, understanding that you may be depending on the pastor’s memory.  In each case have the pastor describe the
events as he/she understands them.  What caused the decline?  How long was the church in decline?  What were the
key factors in the turnaround?  Evaluate how lessons learned there might help you in your ministry.

Search the internet for other information on turnaround churches and write at least 200 words on information you found
that might be applicable to your situation.
Turnaround Churches