Centurion Bible College
The first exercise will require the use of a concordance, Bible dictionary, and a commentary.  You are encouraged to
use online versions if you like.  

1.  Use a concordance to research the word “saint.”  Write a report on your findings.  Which concordance did
you use?  What all were you able to learn about that word from the concordance alone.

2.  Now use a Bible dictionary to research the same word.  Write a report telling which Bible dictionary you
used and what you were able to learn about that word from that source.

3.  Choose any passage of scripture you like where the word “saint” is found.  Use a commentary to research
that verse and write a report telling what you learned about the word from the commentary.  You may have
to search through several passages and check with several commentaries before finding some good information
to report on.

In the second exercise discuss the pros, cons, and differences between the King James Version, The New International
Version, and any third version of your choice.  Tell us which version you most often use and why.  What is the difference
between a translation and a paraphrased version?

All of your answers for the entire class should total at least 1,500 words.
Bible Study Aids-Bible Translations