Centurion Bible College

1.  Abortion.  
Make your best argument against this atrocity.  Make use of scripture, reason, current statistics, and any other method
you choose to make the case against the killing of the unborn.  This should be at least 600 words.

2.  Homosexuality.
Using scripture as your foundation answer the following questions.

a.  How would you advise a practicing homosexual that seems genuinely interested in serving Christ but
explains that he/she can’t help that they have the preferences they have?  Use approximately 300 words
in this answer.

b.  A homosexual couple begins attending your church.  At first you are glad they are there where they will
hear the Gospel presented.  Then you notice that as they sit together during a service they are holding hands.  
Do you, as pastor address this in any way?  

A few weeks later you observe that during a service one of them is sitting with his/her arm around the other.  Do you
take any action at this point?  If so, what action would you take?  

If you would take action here, would you take the same action if it were a heterosexual couple that you knew to be living
together in sin?  Explain what you would do and why.  Use at least 600 words in this answer.
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