Centurion Bible College
This course is about leading someone to faith in Christ one on one.  This class should be started soon after enrolling in
Centurion Bible College.  You will probably be working on other classes as you work your way through this one.  On this
website you will find the article “
Wise Guy Training For Leaders.”  Read this through a couple of times.  Become familiar
with the plan of salvation shown there.  Become especially familiar with conversation starters provided there.  

Starting now, keep a journal of your evangelistic efforts.  Any conversations you have with someone for the purpose of
eventually leading them to the Lord should be in the journal. The journal must be typed and an updated copy sent to
your instructor at least once each month until the course is complete.  

You must actually lead someone to Christ one on one to complete this course.  The course will be considered completed
when (1) Your journal documents you leading someone to Christ and (2) based on the contents of the journal your
instructor is satisfied that you have become skillful at starting a conversation with someone about spiritual matters.
Personal Evangelism