Centurion Bible College
Pastoral Basics
(1)  What do the scriptures teach us about the duties of a pastor?

(2)  Contact at least three pastors from different denominations and ask them the folowing qustions:

     (a)  What does your church expect from you that scripture does not require

     (b)  How do you determine what church members to visit and how often to visit them?

     (c)  How often do you visit church members in the hospital or nursing home?

     (d)  What is an average amount of time you spend preparing for each sermon?

     (e)  What current duties do you have that could be delegated to a lay person?

     Write a report summarizing these interviews.  The two projects combined should require at least 1,500 words.  
     Be sure to include the names and churches of the pastors you interview.