Centurion Bible College
To receive credit for this class you must be sponsored by a pastor approved by Centurion Bible College.  Those already
serving as the lead pastor of a church are not eligible for this class.  The sponsoring pastor must agree to supervise
your internship and to correspond with your instructor.  The internship is part-time and unpaid.  It will last for a minimum
of three months and can be longer if necessary to complete the assignments.  To complete this class the student must
do the following.

1.  Preach at least twice and conduct at least two interactive Bible studies in your sponsoring church. Make well
prepared, well organized, typewritten notes and send them to your instructor.  If you wish, you may use these same
sermons in the Evangelistic Preaching/Teaching class.

2.  Accompany the sponsoring pastor on hospital visitation as often as possible and write at least 500 words on your
experiences and lessons learned.

3.  Consider yourself as part of the pastoral staff during this time and accept assignments from the pastor.  Write at
least a 500 word report on your experiences.

4.  Have discussions with the sponsoring pastor as often as possible to learn basic administrative, leadership, and
church management techniques.  Write at least 500 words on lessons learned in these discussions.
Pastoral Internship