Centurion Bible College
There are many, many books written on this subject.  You are encouraged to read them at your leisure.  But for this
class we want to focus on strategies that can be applied to the church you now serve (or attend if you are not a pastor).

You will need to interview five pastors who have had the experience of leading a church from the size your church is
currently to a gain of at least twenty.  It may take several calls to find five pastors who have had that experience.  Ideally,
the churches they served would be in communities similar to yours and with a history similar to yours.  

Write at least 1000 words reporting their experiences during that growth.  What worked and what didn’t?  What would
they do now if they faced that same challenge again?  Be sure to include each pastor’s name and the church where the
pastor had that growth experience.  
Church Growth Strategies