Centurion Bible College
Funeral Service Preparation
Project 1:
Write a manuscript for a funeral wervice of your choosing.  You can make up a ficticious person or use a funeral that
you have actually conducted.  Write it as much as possible inj exactly the same way you would say it.  Include the
graveside service as well.

Project 2:
Respond to the following questions.

1.  What would be the focus of your message when preaching a funeral service for:

      A.  An old saint of the church who has spent many faithful years in the Lord's service.

      B.  An unbeliever who liives in your community.  One who seemed indifferent to the things of God but                  
           not antagononistic toward the church.

      C.  A completely wicked person.  No positive qualities about this person's life can be discovered.  

      D.  A child who died on the day it was born.

      E.  A person who committed suicide.

      F.  A drug addict who died from an overdose.

2.  How would you respond to a family who insists you announce during the service that the departed was a Christian
when the reputation he/she had was exactly the opposite?

3.  Remembering that the funeral is a ministry to the living, are there any circumstances you can think of that would
cause you to refuse to do the service?