Centurion Bible College
1.  Use scripture as the foundation to explain the relationship and attitude of the pastor toward their congregation and
that of the congregation toward their pastor.  This answer should include about 500 words.

2.  Recent statistics indicate that about 50% of all pastors leave the ministry within their first five years.  Using about 400
words, give any observations or opinions regarding the reasons for so many leaving the work.

3.  There are some questions that have no clear answers.  And these areas are ripe for creating hard feelings between
the pastor and parishioner.  Especially when the parishioner expects the pastor to provide a service that doesn’t get
provided.  Questions like these:

a.  A parishioner is in the local hospital for something that is not believed to be life threatening.  The parishioner is there
for a week.  How often should the pastor visit?

b.  The pastor’s family has saved for vacation all year.  They have reserved a cottage at the beach for 7 days and
nights. They are 500 miles from home and on the second night of their vacation they receive a call that one of their
faithful church members has died suddenly.  Does the pastor disappoint his family by cutting short the vacation or
disappoint the deceased person’s family by continuing the vacation?

c.  A parishioner is scheduled for very serious surgery at a hospital 150 miles from home.  Should the pastor be there
during the surgery?

Fortunately, your assignment is not to answer any of these questions.  Interview at least three pastors who have each
served at least ten years in that capacity.  At least one of them should be bi-vocational and at least one of them should
be serving a church with at least 200 in attendance.  Read the above questions to them to help them understand the
nature of the dilemmas we are discussing.  Then seek their advice on how to make hard calls like these.  What factors
do they consider when making decisions that may cause some to feel they have been let down?  Write a report of
whatever length you like summarizing what you learned.  Be sure to include the names and positions of these pastors.
The Shepherd – Flock Relationship