Centurion Bible College

Project 1.  Submit a proposed budget for a church with an annual income of $120,000.  The greater the detail, the fewer
the questions you can expect from your instructor.  Email the budget for your instructor’s approval before beginning the
next project.

Project 2.  Your community has just been hit hard by an economic recession.  The annual income of the church has
decreased by $40,000 per year.  Prepare a new budget reflecting the cuts necessary to adjust.  Email this budget to the
instructor.  From this point on you do not have to wait for your instructor’s response to move on to the next project.

Project 3.  Your church has endured a major split.  You now find yourself leading a church which has an annual income
of $45,000.  Prepare a budget for that church.

Project 4.  Write a manuscript (not an outline) for a sermon on the subject of tithing.  Write it as nearly as possible to the
way you would preach it.  It should include scriptural support and should make good use of illustrations.  It should be of
a length that would take you between 20 and 30 minutes to preach.  Submit it to your instructor for follow-up questions.
Church Finances