Centurion Bible College
The battle ground for conflict in the church may vary from one generation to another.  The topics that bring about
contention may differ according to the personalities involved.  But pride is always at the root of it.  Proverbs 13:10 says it
plainly, “ Only by pride cometh contention:…”

1.  Describe an incident in a church where conflict was handled well and as a result, damage to the church was                
avoided.  Then describe a separate incident where the conflict was handled poorly and the church suffered because of
it.  You may choose to write about your own experiences or the experiences of others.

2.  Interview four pastors, each from a different denomination.  Write a report on each interview that includes the name
and denominational affiliation of each pastor.  Ask the following questions of each:

a.  Have you lost any of your parishioners due to conflict in the past five years?  
  If so, approximately how many have you lost?

b.  Describe some of the conflicts you have seen in your ministry during the past five years?

c.  Looking back, how might they have been avoided?

d.  With the benefit of hindsight, how might you have handled it differently once the conflict was present?

3.  What does the Bible teach us about conflict resolution within the church?  Be sure to give at least one example of
conflict between God's people from the New Testament.

A minimum of 1,500 words should be used on this project.
Avoiding and Solving Church Conflict