We offer:

The degree you deserve.
 Some of you will already qualify for an associates degree
based on denominational work you have already completed.  Others with significant pastoral
experience may qualify for an associates by testing for advanced placement.

Practical education.  What we teach is what you need to be a better Christian leader.  
We will not have you wasting time "jumping through hoops"  just to receive some credit.

At a pace that fits your schedule.  You work it hard when you have some time
and you slow the pace when your ministry is demanding more of you.

At a price you can afford.  We believe it is the best education available in our price
range.  You will have real interaction with your instructors but without the cost of more traditional
Centurion Bible College is here for the working
minister.  Maybe you are bi-vocational or perhaps
you are serving a full time church.  Either way, we
can fit into your busy schedule.

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The threat is very real  
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